Company Profile


INFOTECH was formed in 2000 to satisfy customer requirements for quality IT products and services.

Our key goal is to provide a premium service which delivers effective solutions, and provides exceptional value to our clients.

The achievement of this goal is supported by the company's management systems, which embrace both quality assurance and continual improvement of our service.

INFOTECH located in Bintulu, Sarawak, East Malaysia. Our business has developed well and is expanding successfully. Staffs with INFOTECH are experts in their fields. This guarantees accurate and appropriate support and services.



INFOTECH recognizes that every client has its own unique perspective and goals that often require innovative and new approaches. At INFOTECH we pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients achieve their business objectives. We help bridge the gap between business strategy and IT, taking the time to understand your business-critical issues and transform them into sound and practical solutions. Let us simplify your information technology and key business systems, so you can get on with doing your business.

 It is our intention to provide the highest level of customer service - always. We aim to make your first and every contact with INFOTECH Specialists as enjoyable as possible.